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RexxLA News

RexxLA and Rexx Language News

2020-07-18 31st International Rexx Language Symposium to be held 25 to 28 September, 2020, Online

After consulting the board and some of the membership, it was decided that the 31st Symposium will be an online only symposium. This will be the first time this symposium will not be held on location. For this year IBM Austin had graciously provided a room, but this was not to be due to the COVID-19 crisis. For the online symposium a Call For Papers will go out.

2020-07-15 Talks with Open Mainframe Project

RexxLA is speaking to the Open Mainframe Project for cooperation on projects and sharing of infrastructure.

2020-07-05 Nabble RexxLA forum defunct

The owner of the Nabble fora has decided to shut it down gradually. Before the forum was deleted, we have saved the messages. RexxLA will announce a new forum shortly, to interact to our mailing list over the Web.